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Eric Pühse

Online Marketing Consultant | SEO Analyst

Almost two years in agency responsible for a portfolio of clients and more than three years as a freelance consultant, where I participated in both projects Start Ups, SMEs and multinationals like Adiquímica or Milan. I have combined my activities as a consultant with teaching, as a professor of Master in online marketing. I enjoy working on my computer and transmitting know-how with the aim of achieving growth of my clients.

High: There is one thing worse than failure ... do nothing.

Maximum Medina Pérez

SEO Analyst | Software developer | Digital Marketing Consultant

Over 8 years as a software developer, SEO 6 years, 2 years as director of IT department, 1 year as a consultant online marketing agency, I participated in diferetnes projects Start Ups, SMEs and companies. I joined conociminetos programming with the best tactical positioning online by becoming expert SEO and WPO. I'm a big fan of process automation and I enjoy helping my clients to improve the speed, productivity and online positioning their projects and businesses.

High: Look no shortcuts to achieve your goals, be strengthened and improved to achieve your dreams.

Somos especialistas en:

  • Design Online Marketing Strategies 360.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  • Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO)
  • User experience (UX).
  • web Performance Optimization (WPO).
  • web development and web applications.
  • design content strategies.
  • Analysis of competitors and market.
  • Detection of opportunities and market niches.
  • Inbound Marketing.
  • Social Marketing.
  • web analytics.
  • Strategies driven data and application of machine learning solutions.
  • Establishment of resources and methodologies in departments.